Lee Carby, R.Y.T. 200, Instructor

Lee has always enjoyed physical fitness, and she used yoga as another way to add strength, balance and flexibility to her exercise routine.  As she experienced the physical benefits of yoga as a student, Lee also learned to carry the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga from the mat to her every day life by incorporating the beauty of silencing the mind, bringing awareness to the breath and just being present.


As her love of yoga grew, so did her desire to share the power of yoga.  Lee completed her 200 hour certification from Southern Star Yoga in Oxford, Mississippi in May of 2011 so that she could safely and skillfully share yoga with others.  In addition to sharing her passion with others, Lee loves being a student in her own yoga journey.  You can follow her journey on Instagram as @SouthernBelleYogi


Lee creates a playful and upbeat environment that is full of love, laughter, joy and strength. By allowing her students to let go of comparisons and self-judgment she encourages them to discover that the world is full of possibilities within their own practice and within their daily lives.


Lee believes yoga can be for every “body” and wants everyone to experience it and love it as much as she does!


Bill Byrne, Instructor

Bill Bryne teaches Hatha yoga with an emphasis on alignment and flow.  Bill received his training with renowned yoga teacher Cat McCarthy in 2013.  Bill has also studied with Stacy Worley, Danielle Craft, and Lee Carby.  Bill is thankful to all the yoga teachers he has taken classes from.  Bill teaches yoga as an offering to allow others to experience the joy, peace, and feeling of well-being in the mind, body and spirit that comes from his own practice in yoga.


Danielle Eubanks, R.Y.T 500, Instructor

Danielle studied with Lex Gillan in Houston, TX and completed her 200 hour certification in 2007 and a 500 hour certification in New Mexico as well in 2009.  She has attended advanced training as well.  She is a member of NACYT.  She came to yoga in search of a non-traditional method to deal with physical issues and found that yoga has the ability heal and transform.  She approaches each class with a wide-open heart and a playful spirit.  Danielle found that a yoga practice on the mat combined with meditation has amazing benefits for overall physical and mental health.  Our yoga practice only BEGINS on the mat and we carry that into the rest of our life which is our yoga as well.


She believes that no matter what age, body weight, or medical condition she encourages everyone to try the practice of yoga, as all of the poses can be modified to accommodate the individual.  Your body and spirit will thank you.  She looks forward to sharing the joy of life with all and continuing on the path of Self-Realization.


Danielle enjoys each day as a new opportunity for expansion and growth no matter where we are in this moment....just bring everything to the mat...we will work it out there.


Stephanie Daly, R.Y.T. 200, Instructor

I came to yoga because I hoped it would help me regain some of the flexibility I had lost through years of running.  It wasn't long before I discovered that yoga was about a lot more than fitness: it was about re-discovering a whole new person whose body, mind, and spirit were working together.  Teaching yoga seemed like a natural extension of my careers as an Occupational Therapist and science teacher.  In May of 2016, I completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification course through Southern Star Yoga in Oxford, MS.


In my classes, I hope to offer my students the chance to experience the deep union of the breath, the mind, and the body all working as one.  My practice will combine some personal creativity with a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration, which will hopefully allow us to step off the mat feeling more refreshed, balanced and joyful.  Namaste!

 Jenny Robinson, 225hr R-HYI, Instructor

Jenny Robinson received her 225hr R-HYI from Holy Yoga Ministries in May 2016. She is a breast cancer survivor, mother to 3 young boys, and has been happily married to husband Eric for 12 years. Jenny believes that time on her mat is a physical, mental and spiritual act of worship where God meets her there. She enjoys how God moves her in and out of her comfort zone and is always stretching her inner strength to stay rooted with her eyes fixed on Him. Jenny's deepest hope in teaching Holy Yoga is to enrich the lives of others by sharing her faith and journey in our Natchez community. "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20

Renee Seab, R.Y.T. 200, Instructor

Renee has been a student, teacher and history enthusiast much of her life.  She has a creative nature that she often explores through art and writing.  A vegetarian since 2001, she believes in sustaining a healthy body with whole foods, natural beauty products and holistic remedies while maintaining a dedication to her yoga practice.  


Having traveled much of the world, Renee has had the unique opportunity to experience many cultures.  This has gifted her with compassion and empathy for her fellow human beings and all creatures.  Yoga has provided Renee with the same curiosity, spirituality, and love she experienced while traveling, thus, becoming stronger and more flexible both physically and mentally.  She looks forward to awakening within others some of the benefits that yoga, art, and travel have done for her. She received her 200-hour yoga certification from Appleton, Wisconsin in 2014, at Pura Vida Yoga. Follow her journey on instagram @yogiknots

Jenna Aldridge, Pilates Instructor

Jenna Aldridge ....BASI Pilates comprehensively certified instructor who has been teaching Pilates and movement classes for 12 years. After closing her own Pilates studio in 2012, she has been teaching privates, duets and mat classes all over the world.